Magic and family mixed with hope and redemption. And dragons.

I have loved writing since my early teens, when I wrote mostly fanfiction-mashups of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons. It’s been a journey for sure, learning the craft, succeeding and making mistakes. I’m still learning, but I hope you’ll join me!


I am a twenty-seven-year-old Christ-follower who writes mostly speculative fiction, fantasy in particular. My stories often will have magic whispering through them, sometimes dragons, usually a sarcastic brat of a protagonist or sidekick, and themes of truth, hope, forgiveness, and redemption. All the fun stuff. My stories aren’t devoid of darkness, but that just makes the themes even better.


I currently have two stories published on the writing platform Wattpad: The Empire Thief and The Crimson Crown. They are, technically, books 1 and 3 of a series. I’m reworking books 1 and 2, hence the oddness of the published order.

I offer developmental editing services to fellow authors! I enjoy looking at the big picture items, such as plot, character arcs, setting, etc. I love seeing other writers improve their craft and work their way to publishing, and I LOVE getting excited over their stories with them.


I also offer proofreading services. Feel free to send me an email if you’re looking for an editor, and let’s talk! :D


So relax, stay a while, and explore!

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